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Letter from President of November 2005
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                        Tuesday, November 1, 2005

The rally at the Capital was a huge success thanks to the many massage therapists from across the state that showed up. Please, now is not the time to sit back and wait to see what happens. Everyone you know, and those they know, please have them call their House Representative and State Senator as well as those on the Professional Licensure committee to let their voice be heard. The message has not changed.  We want state licensure for all qualified massage therapist in this great state of Pennsylvania, and we want it NOW!!!

Thanks to the AMTA and to the PaBTA organizations for such a good turn out. Thanks also to the massage and bodywork schools for all of their support and to the students and to those interested people that showed up to support the massage licensure bill. There are so many people to thank and trying to get to everyone will mean some may get missed so my apologies. But I’d like to name a few, Representative Keith McCall for his sponsoring the HB1643 and his continuing commitment to see it through and to all the many co-sponsors who have stood by him. We thank you all. Nancy Parambo, President of the Pennsylvania chapter of the AMTA and all of her people who had a vision and never gave up. Thank you Nancy Parambo. To Gail Humphries, our lobbyist who took this whole process to heart, we thank you for you putting your whole heart into it. This will only be one part of your legacy which no doubt is just the beginning for you. Senator Connie Williams, who introduced SB 958. Thank you for your support and the co-sponsors in the Senate and for believing that what we are trying to do is to better all peoples of this great state of Pennsylvania. Our commitment is to see these bills become the law of the land here in the state of Pennsylvania and we will all see it happen. Make your vote count.

Don’t forget November 5, 2005 is the general meeting at the Baltimore School of Massage at 9:30 AM to 10:00AM. The networking general meeting begins at 10:00 AM.

170 Red Rock rd. York Pa. 17402

Please call if you need directions-  717-891-6726.

From the Desk of Bill Maguire,

PaBTA, President

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